Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Die Wahrheit zum ESM Vertrag ....

Es ist kaum zu glauben aber es ist wahr!
Schaut Euch das Video an, es lohnt sich! Diese 12 Minuten verändern alles!


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for your very kind words about my blog
    I'm not very active on blogs, which does not preclude having some thoughts.
    I'm still here, with negative temperature of -18 ° C overnight and the snow back tomorrow.
    Your blog is always so beautiful and rewarding.
    This is a plaisr to come here
    I wish you a great day
    cordially from France
    A few small gifts

  2. Hello Chris, thank you for the beautiful pictures and your comment. Here we have negative temperatures, currently -4 ° C. A few days ago, we had -28 ° C. Now it is getting better every day and I hope the spring time is coming soon.

    I wish you a great week!

    Welcome from Germany,